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Hide and Seek

The kids game hide and seek is so much fun, only when you are a kid.

Playing the same game as adult is so daunting.

As adults, you want to hide to know who will seek you, who will want you and who will do everything to find you. But you also fear, what if no one will seek you, no one will miss you and no one will want you. What if you are forgotten about completely?

The other side to it is that as adults sometimes you just have to hide and when no one comes to seek you, you have to come out of your hiding pretending that you were never playing the game. 

And if someone does seek you, reach out to you and tell you that they are there for you; you become theirs, you will do everything for them. 

But any which way, the game is no fun as adults. These times you wish you never grow up.

- AnonymousMystic

That moment when you miss someone so much that you have to sit down , close your eyes and talk to them silently.


A smile from her brought me so much peace, so much joy and so much happiness. It changed my definition of beauty and it changed me forever with its love and warmth. It was magical and is still amazingly magical but now I can’t ask her to see that smile but I can still wish for it and it’s more important that she is smiling wherever she is. I love her smile especially when it was for me and even more when it was because of me.


Miss her, wanna see her, can’t see her, miss her even more, wanna see her even more, still can’t see her, miss her so much, wanna see her so much, no luck can’t see her, miss her so bad….
…the cycle continues.


I lost my only friend… Don’t leave me… I need you more than dope…


I love you for what you are, what I am with you and for what we are together.


A girl walks into your life and changes it forever. She completes you. She was the missing piece in your life. And you get used to this completeness, forgetting what it felt like when she was not there. That place, that state is far left behind. You reach and feel real love and life.
And then you have to leave her and go back being incomplete, lonely and lost. It is the toughest thing to deal with, how do you come to terms with this loss, this void. Answer is you can’t come to term with this, you suffer.

The pain of longing to see only increases with time.


In a crowd, but alone.

If love conquers all, why is loneliness excluded?